Journal of the Russian National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Since December 2023, RNCHPST has been publishing a quarterly specialized scientific journal.

Vol. 1

25 марта 2024

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Word from the Editor-in-Chief

Philosophical Perspective

Ilya Th. Kasavin Science and Philosophy of Science in the Era of Queen Victoria. (Interview).

Tatiana D. Sokolova William Whewell in the History of Philosophy of Science

Vladislav V. Stasenko The Metaproblem of Demarcation and the Attempts to Solve it in Contemporary Philosophy of Science

Methodological Frontier of Modern Science

Yuri L. Voytekhovsky The Obvious and Unbelievable Rock

Natalia V. Kostina, Anastasia G. Rozenberg, Gennadii S. Rozenberg Mathematical Ecology: Analytics and Assessment of Models Parameters (100th anniversary of the birth of Evelyn Pielou)

History of Science

Vladimir P. Vizgin “...We have begun preparing a work on the history of the nuclear project in the country”: on the contribution of the Institute of the History of Natural Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences to the study of the history of the creation of domestic nuclear weapons

Alexander V. Gorshenin Participation of Academician of Medicine Zinaida Vissarionovna Ermolyeva in the preparation and application of adaptogens in the 1960s and 1970s.

Roman E. Ilinsky From the history of applied optics: the use of finite difference calculus to analyze a system of infinitely thin lenses

History of Technology

Denis M. Ivlev M.I. Serdyukov’s Activities during the Reconstruction of the Vyshny Volochek Watershed in 1719–1723

Petr P. Oleinikov, Olga G. Melnikova Problems of museumification of the monuments of the history of hydraulic engineering from Peter the Great’s era in the Kamyshin district of the Volgograd region

History of Education

Alexander L. Kleitman School of Mathematical and Navigational Sciences in Moscow in 1701–1705

Roman A. Fando Zoology and Zoologists at the Golitsyn Higher Women’s Agricultural Courses

Publication of Documents

Vladimir V. Komissarov Some Features of Soviet Scientific and Technical Censorship in the 1980s. According to the Archive Document

Tatiana А. Savinova “Manuscripts don’t Burn”: on the History of the Publication of Posthumous Work by N.I. Vavilov

Visual Sources

Ilya V. Neupokoev The HIstory of Formation of the Iconotheque of IIET RAS


Daniil E. Lavrischev Per astra ad aspera: review of the monograph by A.V. Kuzmin «Ontological, epistemological and methodological prerequisites for the emergence of space models in European astronomy until the middle of the 17th century»

Prokhin S. “State Landmarks” as a Subject of Research. Review of the Monograph: Skrydlov A.Yu. Administrative Statistics in Pre-Reform Russia 1802–1852

Scientific Life

Daria V. Koroleva “Cartography – 2023: domestic and foreign atlases and maps received by the library in 2023” (exhibition review)

Maria V. Platonova 17th International Science-to-Practice Conference “History of Science and Technology. Museum Studies”


R.A. Fando, Doctor of Historical Sciences – Editor-in-Chief
T.I. Khorkhordina, Doctor of Historical Sciences
N.N. Kolotilova, Doctor of Biological Sciences
A.L. Kleitman, Doctor of Historical Sciences – Deputy Editor-in-Chief
I.G. Konovalova, Doctor of Historical Sciences
N.I. Kuznetsova, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences
M.V. Malunova – Assistant Editor
G.N. Lanskoy, Doctor of Historical Sciences
I.V. Sozinov – Assistant Editor
B.L. Lichterman, Doctor of Medical Sciences
O.P. Belozerov, Doctor of Biological Sciences
I.G. Pechenkin, Doctor of Geological Sciences
V.P. Borisov, Doctor of Technical Sciences
A.V. Psyanchin, Doctor Geographical Sciences
L.I. Borodkin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Corresponding Member of RAS
A.L. Rizhinashvili, Doctor of Biological Sciences
A.N. Rodny, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
A.A. Brovina, Doctor of Historical Sciences
Е.А. Rostovtsev, Doctor of Historical Sciences
M.D. Bukharin, Full Member of RAS, Doctor of Historical Sciences
A.Yu. Samarin, Doctor of Historical Sciences
G.I. Sinkevich, Doctor of Physical/Mathematical Sciences
V.P. Vizgin, Doctor of Physical/Mathematical Sciences
A.F. Smyk, Doctor of Physical/Mathematical А.А. Daukaev, Doctor of Geological Sciences Sciences
I.S. Dmitriev, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Yu.S. Tsench, Doctor of Technical Sciences
O.Yu. Elina, Doctor of Historical Sciences
L.V. Shipovalova, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences
S.S. Ilizarov, Doctor of Historical Sciences
V.A. Shirokova, Doctor of Geographical Sciences
T.V. Ilyushina, Doctor of Geographical Sciences
I.N. Yurkin, Doctor of Historical Sciences

For authors

The journal of the Russian National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology accepts scientific articles on the problems of history, philosophy, sociology of science and technology, scientific publications of sources on the history of science and technology in the volume of 0.5–1 author. l. (up to 40 thousand characters), book reviews – up to 0.5 author. l., informational messages – up to 0.2 autol. l.
There is no fee for publication.
All materials submitted to the editorial board are double-blind reviewed. The author is informed about the admission to the press or about the refusal of publication by e-mail.

The materials provided for printing must contain the following elements in Russian and English: the title of the article, the author's first and last name, place of work, abstract (no more than 100 words) and keywords (5-7).

Manuscripts are submitted to the editorial office by e–mail in doc, docx or rtf formats, Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing – 1. Text links (and comments) - size 12.

In a separate file, you must send information about the author: first name, patronymic and surname, academic degree, academic title, place of work (study), position, contact information (phone number, email address). The phone number is required for operational communication between the editorial office and the author, it will not be published in the journal.

Bibliographic references and references to archival materials are given in square brackets (the ordinal number of the item from the list of sources and literature and comma-separated page numbers, for example: [4, p. 5]).

The list of sources and literature is formed in alphabetical order. When quoting archival documents, one item in the list of sources must correspond to one storage unit (archival case).

After the list of sources and literature, a bibliographic list is provided in English translation – References. Examples:

Aleksandrov V. Ia. (1989) Po povodu pisʹma V. Kriukova “Oproverg li IA. Rapoport uchenie Lepeshinskoĭ?” [Regarding V. Kryukov’s letter “Has Ya. Rapoport refuted Lepeshinskaya’s doctrine?”]. Nauka i zhiznʹ, no. 5, p. 53. (in Russian)

Lepeshinskaia O. B. (1957) Moi vospominaniia [My memoirs]. Abakan: Khakknigoizdat. (in Russian)

Four issues are planned to be published in 2024:

  • No. 1 – acceptance of materials until February 15 (issuing editors: Fando R.A., Sozinov I.V.)
  • No. 2 – thematic issue dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences – reception of materials until May 15 (editors: Ilizarov S.S., Kleitman A.L.)
  • No. 3 – acceptance of materials until August 19 (issuing editors: Fando R.A., Malunova M.V.)
  • No. 4 – a thematic issue devoted to the history of the ideologization and dialectification of Soviet science (2025 marks the 100th anniversary of the first publication of F. Engels "Dialectics of Nature") - acceptance of materials until November 15 (editors: Kuznetsova N.I., Sozinov I.V.)

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